This page contains sites of paper, newsprint, Kraft, tissue, cardboard, paperboard and/or board manufacturers in Europe. Please note that some of the companies have integrated operations inclusive of pulp making, paper making and converting while others may have only paper making.

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  1. A. Merati & Co. (Cartiera Di Laveno SPA), Italy
  2. Abelan Catalana, S.L., Barcelona, Spain
  3. Adam Laier Papiergrobhandlung GmbH, Mannheim, Germany
  4. Adana Organize Sanayi Bõlgesi, Yakapınar - Adana,  Turkey
  5. Adolf Jass Papierfabrik Fulda, Germany (German only)
  6. Agustin Barral, SA, Barcelona, Spain
  7. Ahlstrom Paper Group BV, Hoofddorp, Netherlands
  8. Alamigeon S.A., France (French only)
  9. Albert Kohler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (German & English)
  10. Alcart, Europe
  11. Alce S.P.A., Italy
  12. Alier SA Barcelona,  Spain (Spanish & English)
  13. Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, JSC, Russia (English & Russian)
  14. Arctic Paper AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
  15. Arjo Wiggins SAS France
  16. AssiDoman AB, Stockholm, Sweden (Acquired by Sveaskog, AB)
  17. Athens Paper Mill S.A., Athens, Greece
  18. Ausonia Tissue, Casentino, Italy
  19. Aylesford Newsprint Ltd., Kent, UK
  20. BelLesBumProm, Belarus
  21. Belovo Paper Mills S.A. Belovo, Bulgaria
  22. BEMA Filtration Board and Cardboard Factory, Poland (Polish & English) 
  23. Billerud AB, Solna, Sweden  
  24. Black & White Paper Mfg. AB, Sweden
  25. Bollore Group (Papeteries Du Leman, and PDV, Papeteries Des Vosges,) France
  26. Bollore' Thin Paper, France
  27. Borregarrd (Orkla Group), Norway  
  28. Brigl &Bergmeister Papierfabrik GmbH, Germany  
  29. Brigl &Bermeister Papierfabrik GmbH, Austria
  30. Brucher Pappen- und Papierfabrik GmbH, Germany (German Only)
  31. Buchman Karton, Germany (German & English)
  32. Bulpaper Ltd., Bulgaria (Bulgarian & English)
  33. Burgo Group Spa, Italy (Italian & English)
  34. Byness S.r.l. Industria Cartaria, Italy (Italian & English)
  35. Cartesar spa, Italy  (Italian & English)
  36. Cartiera Amatruda s.a.s., Italy (Italian & English)
  37. Cartiera Ca-ma S.r.l., Italy
  38. Cartiera Carmenta, Italy
  39. Cartiera Ciacci s.a., Rep di S. Marino (Italian only)
  40. Cartiera Confalone s.p.a., Italy (Italian only)
  41. Cartiera Cooperativa Rivalta, Italy (Italian only)
  42. Cartiera del Vignaletto S.p.A., Italy (Italian only) 
  43. Cartiera del Chiese, Italy (Italian & English)
  44. Cartiera del Vignaletto S.r.l., Italy
  45. Cartiera dell' Adda s.p.a. Italy (Italian & English)
  46. Cartiera di Bosco Marengo, Italy (Italian & English)
  47. Cartiera di Ferrara, Italy (Italian, German & English)
  48. Cartiera di Galliera SpA, Italy (Italian & English)
  49. Cartiera di Laveno Spa, Italy (Italian & English)
  50. Cartiera di Momo s.p.a.Italy (Italian & English)
  51. Cartiera di Nave S.p.A., Italy (Italian & English)
  52. Cartiera di Nebbiuno, Italy
  53. Cartiera di Rivignano, Italy (Italian, French, German & English)
  54. Cartiera di Varo, Italy
  55. Cartiera F. Amatruda, Italy (English & Italian)
  56. Cartiera Fornaci spa, Italy (Italian & English)
  57. Cariera Galliera Stl, Italy
  58. Cartiera Giacosa S.p.A., Italy
  59. Cartiera Giorgione s.p.a. Italy (Italian only)
  60. Cartiera Glacosa spa, Italy
  61. Cartiera Imperato, Italy (Italian & English)
  62. Cartiera Lucchese S.p.a., Italy (Italian, French & English)
  63. Cartiera Mantovana Srl., Montovana, Italy
  64. Cartiera Menegazzo s.r.l. Italy (Italian & English)
  65. Cartiera Olona di Belvisi Dott. Davide & C. S.a.s., Italy (Italian & English)
  66. Cartiera Partenope S.r.l., Italy (Italian, French, German & English)
  67. Cartiera Pasquini S.r.l., Italy (Italian, French, German & English)
  68. Cartiera Pieretti SPA, Italy (Italian & English)
  69. Cartiera Pirinoli, Italy (Italian & English)
  70. Cartiera Rossi Spa,  Italy (Italian & English)
  71. Cartiera S. Rocco s.p.a., Italy (Italian & English)
  72. Cartiera San Giorgio, Italy (Italian & English)
  73. Cartiera San Giovanni, Italy (Italian only)
  74. Cartiera San Martino s.p.a. Italy (Italian, French, German, Spanish & English)
  75. Cartiera Verde Della Liguria, Italy (Italian only)
  76. Cartiere Bocci, Italy (Italian only)
  77. Cartiere Burgo spa, San Mauro, TO, Italy
  78. Cartiere del Garda S.p.A., Italy
  79. Cartiere del Polesine S.p.A, Italy (Italian & English)
  80. Cartiere della  Valtellina Spa, Italy (Italian, French & English)
  81. Cartiere di Momo S.p.A., Italy
  82. Cartiere di Guarcino S.p.A., Italy (Italian only)
  83. Cartiere di Trevi S.p.A., Italy
  84. Cartiere Ermolli S.p.A., Italy (Italian & English)
  85. Cartiere Lucchese S.p.A., Italy
  86. Cartiere Magnani, Italy (Italian & English)
  87. Cartiere Marchi, Italy (English & Italian)
  88. Cartiere Milliani Fabriano, Italy (Italian, French & English)
  89. Cartiere Pigna Italy (Italian & English)
  90. Cartiere Rodolfo Reguzzoni s.r.l., Italy
  91. Cartiere SACI Spa, Italy
  92. Cartitalia spa, Italy (Italian & English)
  93. Cartonificio Sandreschi s.r.l.. Italy (Italian & English)
  94. Cascades S.A. (A Group co. of Cascades Canada), France
  95. Catala SA, Belgium (French & Dutch) (aka Le groupe Catala and De-Catala-groep)
  96. CDM Group, Italy (Italian)
  97. Cellulosas y Tissues, S.L.(CETI) Spain
  98. Celhart Donaris S.A. Braila, Romania  (English & Romanian)
  99. Ceprohart S.A., Braila, Romania (Romanian only)
  100. Cepruss Russia (Russian)
  101. CGP Industries, France (French & English)
  102. Cham Paper Group, Switzerland (English, Chinese  & Swiss)
  103. Clariana, S.A., Spain (Spanish & English)
  104. Coldenhove Papier B.V., Eerbeek, The Netherlands
  105. Condat, France (French & English)
  106. Connect Hygiene Products Ltd., Disley, UK
  107. Consolidated Paper Mills, Russia
  108. Cordier Spezialpapier GmbH, Germany  (German & English)
  109. Corenso United Oy Ltd., Lahti, Finland
  110. CPH Chemie + Papier Holding AG, Switzerland
  111. Crane AB, Tumba Sweden
  112. Crown Van Gelder Papierfabrieken, Velson, The Netherlands
  113. Curtis Fine Paper ( A Crown Vantage Co.), Scotland
  114. Dalum Papir A/S, Denmark
  115. De La Rue, UK
  116. Delfort Group AG, Austria
  117. Delkeskamp Verpackungswerke GmbH, Nortrup, Germany
  118. Devon Valley Ltd. (Purico Group), UK  (Filter papers)
  119. Diagramma Dietkon AG, Switzerland
  120. Dicepa Papelera De Enate S.L, Spain  (Spanish, English, Portuguese & French)
  121. Diosgyor Paper Mills, Hungary
  122. Dresden Papier AG, Heidenau, Germany
  123. Drewsen, Germany/ Denmark
  124. DS Smith Paper Plc, UK
  125. Dunapack Paper & Packaging Ltd.,, Budapest, Hungry 
  126. Ecofibras Aranguren, S.L.U. (CEL Technologies & Systems) Spain
  127. Elina Papermaker, Komotini, Greece
  128. Emin Laydier Paper Mills, France (English & French )
  129. Eska Graphic Boards, Sappemeer, The Netherlands (English, German, Spanish and others)
  130. Europac S.A. Spain (Spanish)
  131. Eurovast S.P.A.,Italy  (Italian & English)
  132. Fabrica do Papel do Almonda, SA, Portugal
  133. Fabryka Papieru Czerwonak S.P. z.o.o., Poland
  134. Fabryka Papieru w Dabrowicy, Poland
  135. Fabryka Papieru Kaczory spolka z.o.o., Poland
  136. Fabryka Papieru Myszkow S.P. Z.O.O., Poland
  137. Fabryka Papieru Piechowice S.A., Poland (Polish Only)
  138. Fabryka Papieru Szczecin-Skolwin S.A. Poland (Polish & English)
  139. Fabryka Papieru sp. z o.o., Poland (Polish Only)
  140. Fahrbrucke Papier GMBH, Germany
  141. Favini spa, Italy (Italian & English)
  142. Fedrigoni Group, Verona, Italy
  143. Felix Schoeller Gruppe, Germany
  144. Fiberweb, London, UK
  145. Filtros Anonia S.A., Spain
  146. Finish Fiberboard Ltd., Heinola, Finland (Finnish & English
  147. Fiskeby Board AB, Sweden
  148. Fourstones Papermill Co. Ltd, UK
  149. Fripa Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich KG, Germany
  150. Frogmore Paper Mill, Fourdrinier Way, Herts, UK (Frogmore Paper Mill is the world's oldest mechanised paper mill - the birthplace of paper's Industrial Revolution.)
  151. Galgo Paper S.A. (Papeleraleizaran + Papelera Tolosana), Spain (Spanish & English)
  152. Garnett Paper specialities, Otley, UK
  153. Gascogne Paper, Cedex, France
  154. Gebr. Grunewald GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  155. Glashutter Pappen- und Kartonagenfabrik GmbH, Germany
  156. Glatz Feinpapiere, Germany
  157. Glomma Papp A/S, Norway
  158. Głuchołaskie Zakłady Papiernicze Sp. z o.o. Poland (Polish Only)
  159. Goma-Camps Group SA, Spain (English, Spanish, French & Portages)
  160. Goricane, tovarna papirja Medvode, d.d., Slovenia
  161. Grigiskes AB, Lithuania 
  162. GrunPerga Spezial Papierfabrik GmbH, Borstendorf, Germany
  163. Gruppo Carrara, (Cartiera Carma S.r.l., M.C. Tissue S.p.A. & RC. Table Top) Italy
  164. Gruppo Cordenons, Milan Italy (English &Italian)
  165. Gruppo Sofidel, Italy (Italian & English)
  166. Grupo Portucel Soporcel, Portugal (English & Portuguese)
  167. Guarro Casas S.A., Barcelona, Spain
  168. Gureola, Celulosas de Hernani, S.A., Spain (English, Italian & Spanish)
  169. Guyenne Papier, France (English & French)
  170. Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH, Germany (English, German, French & Spanish)
  171. Haindl Papier GmbH &Co., KG, Augsburg, Germany (Acquired by UPM)
  172. Hainsberg Papier, Germany
  173. Hakle Kimberly Deutschland GmbH, Mainz, Germany (German only)
  174. Hamburger Rieger GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (English & German)
  175. Hanke Tissue (A division of Huchitemeier Papier) Poland
  176. Heinzel Holding GmbH, Austria
  177. Helfer Papier, Dachau, Germany
  178. Hellbut Verpackungen, Germany
  179. Higher Kings Mills Ltd., UK
  180. Holmen Paper AB, Norrköping,  Sweden (English & Swedish)
  181. Horizon Pulp and Paper, Kehra, Estonia (Sack Kraft and Tissue)
  182. Huchtemeier Heinzel Papier GmbH, Germany (German & English)
  183. Hunsfos Fabrikker ASA, Norway
  184. Hurum Fabriker AB, Tofle, Norway
  185. Iberpapel Gestion (Grupo Iberpapel), S.A., Spain (Spanish & English)
  186. ICO, San Giovanni, Italy
  187. Iggesund Paperboard AB (Holeman Group), Sweden
  188. Ilim Pulp Group, Sankt Petersburg, Russia
  189. Industria Cartaria Pieretti Spa, Italy (Italian, English, French & Spanish)
  190. Industria Chimica Legno (Alce Spa) Italy (English & Italian)
  191. Industrias Fabregas, Spain
  192. Intercell SA, Poland (Now part of Stora Enso)
  193. International Paper, Kwidzyn S.A. Poland
  194. Inveresk plc., Clackmannanshire, UK
  195. Investlesprom JSC, Russia
  196. Ipek Kagit San. ve Tic. A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
  197. ISMA 2000, S.L., Spain
  198. Itasa, Andoain, Spain
  199. James Cropper Plc., Cumbria, UK
  200. J.Vilaseca S.A., Barcelona, Spain
  201. JIP - Papirny Vetrni, a.s., Czech Republic
  202. John Hargreaves (Collyhurst & Stalybridge) Ltd., Cheshire, UK
  203. John Roberts Holdings Limited, UK
  204. JSC Paper Mill "Krasnaya Zvezda", Republic of Belarus
  205. JSC Pulp and Paper Mill "Kama", Russia
  206. JSC Volga, Russia
  207. J. Tonnesmann & Vogel Papierfabrik Honnetal, Germany (English & German)
  208. Jujo Thermal Ltd. & Kauttua Paper Mills Oy, Kattua, Finland (Thermal Papers0
  209. Julius Glatz GmbH (Glatz Group), Germany
  210. Julius Schulte Soehne GmbH & Co, Germany
  211. Kahramanmaras Paper Ind. &Trading Co., Istanbul, Turkey
  212. Kamensk Paper & Cardboard Factory, Russia
  213. Kammerer GmbH, Germany (Electrical grade, Abrasive base & Pre-impregnated decor papers)
  214. Kanzan Spezialpapiere GmbH, Germany
  215. Kappa Attica, The Netherlands
  216. Kappa Kraftliner Pitea, Sweden (English & Swedish)
  217. Karl Kurz GmbH & Co. KG Pappenfabrik Tullau Germany (German)
  218. Kartonfabrik Buchmann GmbH, Germany (English, French & German)
  219. Kartonsan Cardboard Ind. &Trade Co., Izmit, Turkey
  220. Kehr Wieder Papier GmbH, Germany
  221. Klingele Papierwerke, Germany (German)
  222. Koehler Paper Group, Germany  (English & German)
  223. Korsnas AB, Gavle, Sweden
  224. Kostenetz HHI JSC, Bulgaria
  225. Kotkamills Oy, Finland
  226. Krasnokamsk Paper Mill of Goznak, Russia
  227. Krasnopolyanskaya Board Mill, Russia
  228. Krkonosske Papirny a.s., Czech Republic
  229. KRPA Holding (KRPA Paper a.s.), Czech Republic
  230. Kuebler & Niethammer Papierfabrik Kriebstein AG, Germany
  231. Kunert Gruppe, Germany (English, French & German)
  232. Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill JVC, Kiev, Ukraine
  233. Lacaux Freres, France
  234. Lalskaya Paper Mill Russia
  235. L'Alveare s.r.l. Italy
  236. Lana Manufacture de Papier, France (French only)
  237. Landqart, Switzerland
  238. Lang Papier, Ettringen, Germany
  239. LC Paper, Barcelona, Spain
  240. Leipa Georg Leinfelder GmbH, Germany
  241. Lenzing AG, Austria
  242. Lenzing Papier, Austria
  243. Les Papeteries Emin Leydier, France
  244. Levent Kagit San ve TIC A.S., Turkey
  245. Long Chen Paper Co., Ltd. Taiwan
  246. LTR Industries S.A. France
  247. Lucart Group, Italy
  248. Macedonian Paper Mills S.A, Greece
  249. Macher GmbH & Co. Germany (German)
  250. Maripaper Russia (English & Russian)
  251. Marmara Kağıt A.Ş, Turkey
  252. Masotina S.p.A., Italy (Gruppo Masotina)(Italian & English)
  253. Matussiere et Forest, France (French only)
  254. Mauro Benedetti S.p.A., Italy (Italian & English)
  255. Mayr-Melnhof Group (MM Karton & MM Packaging)
  256. MB Papeles Especiales, S.A., Spain (Spanish & English)
  257. MEL Macedonian Paper Mills SA, Greece
  258. Mercer International Inc., Zurich, Switzerland (Company Info at TSX)
  259. Merckens Karton Und Pappenfabrik GmbH, Austria
  260. Metsa Group, Metsa, Finland
  261. Metsa Board, Espoo, Finland
  262. Metsa Tissue Corp., Espoo, Finland
  263. Miquel y Costas & Miquel, S.A., Barcelona, Spain (English & Spanish)
  264. Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. (Mitsubishi HiTec Paper), Flensburg GmbH, Germany (English & German)
  265. Mondialcarta SPA, Italy (Italian only)
  266. Mondi Business Paper Holding, Austria
  267. Moritz J. Weig GmbH & Co. KG 
  268. Mopak Paper  Cardboard Ind. and Trade Inc., Turkey
  269. Munksjo Paper AB, Sweden
  270. Munktell Ahlstrom AB, Falun, Sweden
  271. Myllykoski Corporation, Helsinki, Finland
  272. Naberezhnye Chelny Paper & Board Mills, Tatarstan, Russia
  273. Natron Maglaj d.d., Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  274. Neman Pulp & Paper Mill, Russia
  275. Neograph,, a.s., Czech Republic
  276. Nervion Papelera, Spain
  277. Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier, Neu Kaliss, Germany
  278. Nordic Paper, Norway
  279. Norske Skog, Norway (Company Info at Oslo Bors)
  280. Northwood & Wepa Ltd., Bolton, UK
  281. Okulovskaya Bumazhnaya Fabrika Ltd., Novgorod, Russia (Russian & English)
  282. Omniafiltra Cartiera Del Torano s.p.A., Italy
  283. Omnimpex Hartia Busteni, Romania
  284. Oppboga Bruk AB, Sweden (English & Swedish)
  285. Otor, France (Now DS Smith Packaging)
  286. Oy Metsa-Botnia Ab., Espoo, Finland
  287. PAKO A.V. Koliopoylos S.A., Athens, Greece
  288. Palm Paper Ltd. (A subsidiary of Papierfabrik Palm), UK
  289. Paloma Sladkogorska, Slovenia
  290. PAN Papirna industrija d.o.o. Croatia
  291. Pankaboard OY, Pankakoski, Finland
  292. Papeco, France
  293. Papel Aralar, Spain  (English & Spanish)
  294. Papelera de Amaroz, Spain
  295. Papelera de Brandia s.a., Spain
  296. Papelera de Canarias S.A., Spain
  297. Papelera de la Riba, S.A. (Goma Camps Group), Spain
  298. Papelera del Besos Placas Filtrantes, S.L., Spain  (English, French  & Spanish)
  299. Papelera del Nervion, Spain
  300. Papelera del Oria S.A, Spain
  301. Papelera del Principado, S.A., (Paprinsa), Spain
  302. Papelera Munne s.a., Spain
  303. Papelera Silla, S.A., Spain
  304. Papelera Usurbe S.L., Spain
  305. Paper Divipac Srl, Caserta, Italy
  306. Paper Mill of Goznak Ue, Borisov, Belarus
  307. Paper Projects, Doetinchem, The Netherland
  308. Paperera de Girona S.A., Spain
  309. Papergroup, Italy
  310. Papermarc Mill Ltd, UK
  311. Papertech Spain
  312. Papeterie Zuber Rieder, Boussieres, France
  313. Papeteries Canson et Montgelfier SA, Annonay Cedex, France
  314. Papeteries de Clairefontaine (A company of the Group EXACOMPTA-CLAIREFONTAINE, France), France 
  315. Papeteries  de Fures, France (French & English)
  316. Papeteries de Gascogne, Cedex, France
  317. Papeteries de Giroux S.A.,(ROSSMANN) France
  318. Papeteries de Gromelle, France
  319. Papeteries de Lancy, Cedex, France
  320. Papeterie de Mandeure S.A., Mandeure, France
  321. Papeteries de Montsegur, France
  322. Papeterie de Raon, France
  323. Papeteries de Vizille, France
  324. Papeteries Des Chatelles, France
  325. Papeterie des Gaves, France
  326. Papeteries du Ciron, Hexaform, S.A., France
  327. Papeteries du L�man (PDL) & Papeteries des Vosges, France
  328. Papeteries du Souche, France
  329. Papier Hilt, Germany
  330. Papier Kurz, Germany
  331. Papier -u. Kartonfabrik (Varel) GmbH & Co., Germany
  332. Papier Weinand, Oberhausen, Germany
  333. Papierfabriek Schut b.v., Netherland
  334. Papierfabrik Adolf Jass GmbH, Fulda, Germany
  335. Papierfabrik Albbruck GmbH (MD Papier), Germany
  336. Papierfabrik August Koehler AG,, Oberkirch, Germany (German & English)
  337. Papierfabrik Carl Lenz GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (English, German & French)
  338. Papierfabrik Golzern GmbH, Germany
  339. Papierfabrik Hainsberg GmbH, Germany (German only)
  340. Papierfabrik Lenk GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  341. Papierfabrik Louisenthal GmbH, Germany
  342. Papierfabrik Netstal AG, Switzerland
  343. Papierfabrik Niederauer Muhle GmbH, Germany
  344. Papierfabrik Palm GmbH & Co. KG, Aalen, Germany (German, English & Italian)
  345. Papierfabrik Peters Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  346. Papierfabrik Rieger GmbH & Company KG (W. Hamburger AG) Germany
  347. Papierfabrik Scheufelen, Germany
  348. Papierfabrik Schoeller & Hoesch GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (English German & French) Acquired by Glatfelter
  349. Papierfabrik Schoellershammer Duren, Germany  (English  & German)
  350. Papierfabrik Ulzenstrof AG, Switzerland
  351. Papierfabrik Vreden GmpH, Germany
  352. Papierfabrik Zerkall Renker & S�hne GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  353. Papierfabrik Zwingen, Germany
  354. Papierwarenfabrik Volling GmbH, Germany
  355. Papierwerke Lenk AG, Kappelrodeck, Germany  (German only)
  356. Papirny Bela a.s. Czech Republic
  357. PAPOS v.o.s., Ostrov, Czech Republic
  358. Pappenfabrik Nierfeld J.Piront GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  359. Papresa S.A. Spain
  360. Patuel Fabrica De Papel Seda, Spain
  361. PCBK Group, Russia
  362. Pehart Petresti, Romania
  363. Pere Pons, S.A., Spain
  364. Pere Valls S.A., Spain
  365. Perlen Papier, Switzerland
  366. Peter Grant Papers Ltd., Lancaster, UK
  367. Peterson Group, Moss Norway
  368. Petrocart S.A. Romania
  369. Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere, Germany
  370. Pfleiderer Teisnach GmbH & Co. KG, Teisnach, Germany  (English  & German)
  371. P. Garnett &sons Ltd, Otley, West Yorkshire, UK
  372. Piszke Papir, Hungary
  373. PKarton S.p.A., Italy
  374. Polotnyanyi Zavod Paper Factory, Kaluga, Russia
  375. Portucel Industrial, Portugal
  376. Powerflute Oyj (Savon Sellu Oy), Finland
  377. Prat Dumas et Cie, France (French only)
  378. Pro-Gest Spa, Treviso, Italy (Italian, English & German)
  379. Propapier PM1 GmbH, Burg, Germany
  380. Räpina’s Paper Factory Inc. Estonia
  381. Radece Papir d.d., Njivice, Slovenia
  382. Reno De Medici S.p.A., Milan, Italy
  383. Renova FPA SA, Portugal
  384. RexCell Tissue & Airlaid AB, Sweden (English & Swedish)
  385. Rigid Paper, UK
  386. Robert Cordier AG (Salach Papier) Germany
  387. Romiley Board Mill, Stockport, UK
  388. Rondo Ganahl AG/ Rondo KFT Germany/Hungary
  389. Rosegg Betriebs GmbH, Austria
  390. Rossmann S.A.S., France
  391. Rua Papel Gestion, Barcelona, Spain
  392. S.A. Industrias Celulosa Aragonesa (SAICA), Spain
  393. St. Andre Paper Mills, Budapest, Hungary
  394. St. Cuthberts Mill, UK (Artists Paper)
  395. St. Petersburg Paper Mill, Goznak, Russia
  396. Saber Swiss Quality Paper AG, Balsthal, Switzerland
  397. Salzer Papier GmbH, Austria
  398. Sanita UK Ltd. (A member of INDEVCO Group), Telford, UK
  399. Sappi, Nash Mills, UK
  400. Sarriopapel y Celulosa S.A, Spain (Spanish only)
  401. SCA Forest Products AB, Sundsvall, Sweden
  402. Schleipen &Erkens AG, Germany
  403. Schoellershammer, Germany
  404. Schönfelder Papierfabrik GmbH, Germany
  405. Schulte Papier + Karton, Germany (German)
  406. Schuster Karton, Germany
  407. Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc., France
  408. SCP Papier, Slovakia
  409. Security Papers Ltd., Kranchi, Pakistan
  410. Segezha Pulp and Paper Mills, JSC, Russia
  411. SERPAM A.E. Neohori, Serres, Greece
  412. SHP Group (Slovak Hygienic Paper Group), Slovakia
  413. Sihl AG, Zurich, Switzerland
  414. SIMKA Kagit Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Kayseri, Turkey
  415. Skolwin Paper International Sp. z.o.o. w, Poland
  416. Slater Harrison & Co. Ltd., UK
  417. Smith Anderson Group, UK
  418. Smurfit Kappa, Europe
  419. Sniace, Madrid, Spain
  420. Sociedad Anonima Industrias Celulosa Aragonesa (SAICA), Spain
  421. Sofidel Group, Italy (Ibertissue, S.L.U. Spain: Tissue mill)
  422. Sokolskiy Pulp & Paper  Mill JSC, Sokol, Russia
  423. Solikamskbumprom JSC, Russia
  424. Solombalales Pulp - and-Paper Mill (Solombalales Managing Group JSC), Russia  (Russian & English)
  425. Somes SA, Romania
  426. Soporcel Sociedade Portuguesa de Papel SA, Portugal
  427. Souche Paper Mill, France (English & French)
  428. Sovetsk Pulp & Paper Mills, JVC, Russia
  429. Spezialpapierfabrik Oberschmitten GmbH, Germany
  430. Spreemühle, Pappen und Kartonagenfabrik GmbH, Germany
  431. Sprick GmbH, Germany
  432. Steinbeis Temming Papier GmbH & Co., Germany (English & German)
  433. Stora-Enso Oyj, Helsinki, Finland
  434. Sun-ka Kagit ve Karton, Turkey
  435. Svanskog Bruk AB, Svanskog, Sweden
  436. Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA), Stockholm, Sweden
  437. Svetlogorsk Pulp & Board Plant JSC, Belarus Republic
  438. Swedish Tissue AB, Sweden
  439. Syassky Pulp and Paper Mills, Leningrad, Russia
  440. Tervakoski Oy, Finland
  441. The Two River Paper Co., UK
  442. Thiollet Group, France
  443. TIC Continental Management (Baikal Pulp & Paper Mill, Kondrovskaya Paper Co., Troitskaya Paper Mill), Russia
  444. Torraspapel, Barcelona, Spain
  445. Trascarta Spa, Italy (Italian, English & French)
  446. Trierenberg ThinPrint Paper, France
  447. Troitsk Paper Mill (TPM), Russia
  448. Tschudi + Cie AG, Feinpappen, Netstal, Switzerland
  449. Tsyurupinsk Paper Mill Ltd., Ukraine
  450. Tullis Russell Group, Scotland
  451. Turinsk Pulp & Paper Mills JSC, Turinsk, Russia (Russian only)
  452. Turkoglu Kagit Karton Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S., Turky
  453. UE "Paper Mill" Goznak, Republic of Belarus
  454. Union Paper, Tuscania, Italy
  455. Union Papertech Ltd., (Purico Filtration Paper) UK (Tea bag filter paper & Coffee filter paper)
  456. UPM-Kymmene Group, Finland (Company Info at NASDAQ)
  457. UPM Raflatac, Tempere, Finland
  458. Utzenstorf Papier, Switzerland
  459. VUPC Inc., Bratislava
  460. Van Houtum Papier, BV, Swalmen, The Netherlands
  461. Viochartiki Paper Mill, Greece
  462. Vipap Videm Krsko d.d. Slovenia
  463. Volga JSC, RVPA Vereinte Papieragenturen GmbH, Taunus, Germany
  464. VPK Packaging Group, Belgium
  465. Vrancart S.A, Romania
  466. Vyborgskaya Cellulose, JSC, Russia
  467. W & M Pappen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (German & English)
  468. W. Hamburger AG, Austria
  469. Weidmann Electrical Technology AG, Switzerland  
  470. Weidmann Whiteley Paper Mil, Pool-in-Wharfedale, UK
  471. Wepa, Germany
  472. Werra+Omega Papier, Wernshausen GmbH, Germany
  473. Whatman GmbH (GE Healthcare), Germany
  474. Wolf Papier Technik, (WPT), Germany
  475. Xing Jiang Tianhong Paper Industry Co. Ltd., China
  476. Zander M-Real GmbH, Germany
  477. Zellstoff Pols AG, Austria
  478. Zellstoff Stendal GmbH (A Mercer Subsidiary), Germany
  479. Zeritis Group, Athens, Greece
  480. Zhydachiv Paper Mills, Ukraine
  481. Ziegler Papier, Switzerland


  1. Wermland Paper AB, Sweden Bought by Nordic Paper
  2. Jefferson Smurfit Group merge with Smurfit Kappa Packaging
  3. AssiDoman acquired by Sveaskog
  4. Norske Skog bought Flectcher Challenge
  5. Stora and Enso merged to form Srora Enso
  6. Stora-Enso acquired Consolidated
  7. UPM-Kymmene bought Repap
  8. UPM-Kymmene bought Haindl Papier
  1. A & B Paper Ltd., Sp.z o.o., Poland
  2. Aconda Paper S.A., Barcelona, Spain
  3. Cartiera del Maglio S.p.A., Italy
  4. Gregoire S.A., France
  5. Cartiere di Corenons S.p.A., Milan, Italy
  6. Cartiera Alto Milanese S.p.A., Italy
  7. Cartiera di Conselice, Italy
  8. EcoPaper S.A. Zarnesti, Romania
  9. Goetz International Papers & Printing GmbH, Germany
  10. Industrieholding Cham AG, Cham, Germany
  11. Juan Romani Esteve, S.A., Barcelona, Spain
  12. Larvik Cell AS, Norway
  13. Lipa Mill Prrada papira d.d. Croria
  14. LPC Group PLC, UK (Kamns Paper Mill, Kilbagie Recycled Fibres, LPC AFH Division and Swedish Tissue AB)
  15. MD Papier Group
  16. Papiro Sud srl, Italy
  17. Papeteries de Cran, Cran-Gevrier, France
  18. Papeteries du Pont de Claix, France
  19. Papierfabrik Horgen AG, Switzerland
  20. Papirpak, Yugoslavia
  21. Olsanske Papirny a.s., Czech Republic
  22. Severoceska Papirna, s.r.o., Bystricka, Czech Republic
  23. SMIWRAP S.p.A., Bianco, Italy
  24. SOPAL, France

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